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But Who’s Watching The Watchers? HP_Het_Taboo

But Who’s Watching The Watchers? HP_Het_Taboo

In the sleazy red light district located in a dogleg alley off of Knockturn, two silent, black-clad shapes entered a narrow passage between derelict buildings. They paused at the entrance of a house of assignation that looked even more rundown than the Shrieking Shack, and with about as much charm.

Severus Snape turned and raised a finger to his lips. His partner rolled her eyes, repressing the…

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2011-05-03 Spelled To Life, Dialogue Only Challenge

2011-05-03 Spelled To Life, Dialogue Only Challenge

I’m in a very strange mood today, and even though this is a drabble, of sorts, it’s also sort of a songfic as well. Songs inspire me; I often quote from them in my stories, and this one sends shivers down my spine, and reminds me of Severus/Minerva. I love fun, playful MM/SS smut and enjoy this ship almost as much as my own Flagship, but I find my stories tend on the more sombre side with them. I…

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I wrote this twenty years ago. It was one of the few writings I managed to keep my previous husband from destroying, and I find it interesting that, twenty years ago, I was still writing the same person, even before I knew who he was.

The Story of Martha

Rating: G
Original Fiction

She looked down at the trees that passed below her. Her name was Martha, and she sighed, wishing for the umpteenth…

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2014-08-17 The Severus Rose; Black Rose Challenge

2014-08-17 The Severus Rose; Black Rose Challenge

He hated roses. Hated their insipid ‘old dears’ smell, their traitorous thorns amid vibrant blooms, hated the way girls exclaimed over them and poncy gardeners nursed them. You could do nothing viable or interesting whatever with them as a potions ingredient (unless you counted that foully-scented rose water that Sybill Trelawney would douse herself in every Christmas, eyeing him hopefully from…

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2011-08-11 A First Time – If It Had Been Planned, Which It Hadn’t

2011-08-11 A First Time – If It Had Been Planned, Which It Hadn’t

Title: A First Time – If It Had Been Planned, Which It Hadn’t – A Gift in honour of LJ’s Akatnamedeaster’s birthday
Rating: So NC-17 it’s blushing
Length: 1,233
Warning: Explicit sexual content, fingering, oral, hand jobs, angst, total denial of attraction. I don’t write slash very often and it shows. Read for content! Un-beta’d because Jules is on holiday and I wanted to…

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