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Muse Songs: Always I Loved You

Muse Songs: Always I Loved You

The opening words to this were actually given to a friend of mine by her Muse during a pendulum session. It gave me chills then, and still does to think about it. I repeat these words with her Muse’s kind permission.

Babylon, Macedonia, Vladivostok, Patagonia,
Copenhagen, London, Israel, always I loved you,
You were beautiful, I was infidel, you were innocent, I was confident,
East or west, light…

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Song Lyrics: Gretchen

There’s no makeup strong enough to hide that bruise beneath your cheek,
You’ve been making up excuses, that’s the third I’ve heard this week
What set him off today, were just you too slow to get out of the way,
Why do you stay with him, Gretchen, why do you stay?

Gretchen, don’t let him hold your heart in his hand,
He’s not some romantic soul, he’s an angry man,
And he’ll break you in two, go to…

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Title: Buttoned Down
Pairing: SSHG
Rating: R
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JKR. I make no money from this drabble.
Summary: Severus loves Hermione. Severus loves buttons. Ergo, Severus loves Hermione’s buttons.
Notes: dozmuffinxc, I really hope you enjoy my offering. I had a lot of fun creating it for you. I love Halloween candy, and I knowing these two, they’d find a way to enjoy it as well.

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